The collaborative book of atheism by atheists


This site is still in very early development and would appreciate any help offered…
This site is the place where atheists can work together to create a book about atheism by atheists. The goal of this site is to become "the" reference book about atheism. It's goal is to be the "bible" equivalent about atheism. The site is in wiki format so many people can help create and work on the book. The problem with many atheist books is they tend to just show the specific authors point of view and not necessarily the view of the atheist community in general. By allowing all atheists to work on the book we hope to have a general and authoritative view about atheism. It is ambitious but achievable. The content of the book will be under the GNU Free Documentation License to allow work to be shared with Wikipedia. Those not familiar with the license please read it at the bottom of the page. The license will allow any person to alter and share the content. It's like open source software for computers. Because of the license it will be necessary to create a non-profit organization to collect donations to pay for the book to be published. (I will need help there as I'm in Canada and would prefer an American to help me out as the states is a much bigger market) It is hoped that once all the work is done on the book it will be published to the world. Of course it will be always updated and improved with periodic book releases showing the improvements. I hope to release a book in a few years. The version will be 1.0. with 2.0 in the works. So I guess unlike the bible it will be always changing, evolving, and improving. It's still at the very early development stage and because of that I need many volunteers. I need techies, writers, artists, promotional people, people to help spread the word, and anyone who would like to help. I also need a few forum moderators and people to help with the development of this site as I'm not really gifted in computers. Thanks. I've set up some forums for discussion. Any help would be appreciated and feel free to edit or change this site to help improve it.

The book table of contents will follow:

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